How to Install Resource Pack

Suggested & Easiest Method: Technic

The Project: Shiba Technic modpack will always be on the correct version of all mods and resource packs!

Automatic Installation

For more detailed instructions, see: Connecting to Project: Shiba

  • Download the Technic Launcher here

  • In the Launcher, search for “Project: Shiba” and find our icon:

    • Install, then click Play.

Manual Installation

Step 1

Step 2

  • Once downloaded, open Minecraft, then:
    • Hit esc on your keyboard
    • Click Options
    • Click Resource Packs

Step 3

  • On the bottom left of your screen, click “Open Pack Folder

Step 4

  • Locate the download on your computer
  • Drag your downloaded into the opened folder
    • Note: you do not need to unzip or rename this folder

Step 5

  • Move to the right-side column labeled “Selected
  • Click “Done

Step 6

  • Close and reopen your game

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