Economy Guidelines

This page is a reference to common items and their prices.

Pixelmon Items

Item Price
Rare Candy ¥5,000
Silver Bottle Cap ¥50,000
Gold Bottle Cap ¥250,000
Copper Hourglass ¥50,000
Silver Hourglass ¥150,000
Gold Hourglass ¥200,000
Diamond Hourglass ¥250,000
Waterdude Wishing Piece ¥500,000
Wishing Piece ¥60,000
Orbs ¥100,000
Z-Crystals ¥20,000


  • Used at /warp crates
Key Price
Plushie Crate ¥50,000
Pokemon Crate ¥100,000
Shiny Pokemon Crate ¥150,000
Legendary Pokemon Crate ¥500,000
Shiny Legendary Pokemon Crate ¥700,000
Shiba Crate ¥70,000
Texture Crate ¥850,000


Charm Usage Price
Flight Charm Grants 30 minutes of temporary creative flight ¥200,000


Outbreak Usage Price
Standard Spawns 10 random Pokemon ¥500,000
Shiny Spawns 5 random shiny Pokemon ¥400,000
Starter Spawns 5 random starter Pokemon ¥400,000
Boss Spawns 3 random boss Pokemon ¥300,000
Spooky Spawns 10 random spooky Pokemon ¥600,000


Token Usage Price
Poketoken Awards one random prize ¥5,000
Party Heal Token Heals your entire party ¥20,000
Bingo Reroll Token Rerolls your Bingo Card ¥100,000
Experience Booster Temporarily boosts amount of Pokemon experience gained ¥200,000
Lucky Capture Booster Temporarily boosts the chance of getting a Lucky Capture ¥200,000

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