Connecting to Project: Shiba

Server IP:

The Server IP, Resource Pack, and JEI are automatically included in our modpacks!

Download the Technic Launcher here

  • In the Technic Launcher, once opened, click “Modpacks”

  • In the search bar, search “Project Shiba”
    • Find our icon
  • Click “Download”

  • Finally, click “Play”

Performance Tip: Check your Java Settings!

  • Click “Launcher Options” in the top-right side of the window.
  • Click “Java Settings” Minecraft Java Version - this should have “64-bit” somewhere in the name
  • If you do not have 64-bit Java, you can download it here. Suggested Memory Allocation: 4GB (Do not use more than 8GB)

Alternate Method: CurseForge

Download the CurseForge launcher here

  • Open CurseForge

  • Click ‘Browse’

  • Search for Project Shiba

  • Install & play

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